Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hello and welcome to my New Blog.

Have you ever tried to decide on a name for a blog, whatever I thought of, it seemed it was already out there.
I remembered a friend saying 7-9 was her crafting time, great a name I could use.

It's only a name not a rule, I craft whenever I feel like it, once work is over with and my best buddy Bru has had his walk.

This is Bru cannot wait to get his new football, I must add that he is football mad.

I wanted to create a picture or book cover with my blog name on it, and I have a book which did have just a plain blue cover. The book is were I right down my ideas for projects or blogs that I want to have a look. It's not a journal or a diary, it's just handy to have and saves lots of scraps of paper on my desk.

I used gesso as the base layer, then Paper Artsy's Grunge Paste through stencils. The Letters are Grunge board ( these are years old that I found in my stash). 
I painted the cover before adding the letters with Silks Acrylic Glaze. Starting with the lightest colour in the middle and gradually working out to the darker colours. 
There's also a bit of stamping to help add some layers of interest. A few embellishment and thats all there is to it.......

The pictures are not very good, I have better pictures but they just keep loading upside down.
Something I will just have to keep practising with!!!!

That's my 1st blog, hope you enjoy a little insight to my crafting world, and I will be back soon.

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  1. Fabulous first post Sharon! Love the colours and a great phrase ! Sue C x